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Did you know that most computers are never cleaned, which can result in a reduction of their life expectancy by as much as 50%? Every personal computer in use today needs to be cleaned, repaired, serviced, and / or upgraded. Before Comp-u-Doc, Inc., you had to take your computer apart, remove all peripherals, and then carry it to the local repair shop - if you can find one that will service your machine! Leave it for a week or two, then call and check when it is ready.

Today all you have to do is call (401) 884-4432 Fax (401) 885-4173 for Comp-u-Doc, Inc., the computer-oriented company. E-Mail: We provide on-site cleaning and service of all types of personal computers and peripherals. Your computer will be down for a few hours compared to several weeks.

Due to popular demand from our customers Comp-u-Doc, Inc., is pleased to announce the expansion of our business to offer business, and Rolodex cards designed and custom printed, computer oriented forms, Now you can call Comp-u-Doc, Inc., for all your computer needs, from basic computer cleaning to computer forms to run your business.

Since the internet is the hottest thing to do with your computer why not let Comp-u-Doc, Inc., setup your computer to "Surf the Net". Comp-u-Doc will install all the shareware programs needed so you don't have to worry about any of the complex connections and settings.

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